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System Integrator with strong competency and has differential value!

About Us


PT.Siscom Technologies was established in 2006,  Started the business as sub-contractor of telecommunication cellular infrastructure (2G/3G/4G Base Station System, Microwave and Fiber Optic Transmission System & Tower Infrastructure) following rapidly telecommunication industries growth. In line with growth of company business and the rapidly of customer’s demand on ICT end to end solutions, We have transformed as System Integrator Company of ICT and Electrical Engineering for any industry. We provide integrated engineering services of ICT Infrastructure and Electrical/Electronic System. SISCOMTECH apply an innovative and highly flexible solution to tailor-made to our client specific needs through a methodological process which includes Consultancy, Planning, Implementation, Project Management and Managed Services. Also continuing develop products and services on customer based requirement.

Our Commitment

SISCOMTECH, with full commitment, expertise and experiences in ICT and Electrical Engineering to boost your business more agile and responsive. SISCOMTECH believes that the most important factor of success is to build a long term relationship with its customers. This has been the important key to the Company during these past 10 years.

SISCOMTECH as the answer for rapidly growth ICT industry and readiness to compete in this globalization era maturely in handling ICT and Electrical Engineering. We have competency, human resources, and good experiences which shows our hard effort to reach our vision.

Our Quality

SISCOMTECH has commitment to improve the business process and to increase customer satisfaction. SISCOMTECH has obtained and implemented TELKOM TPCC CIQS 2000:2009. with this implementation, SISCOMTECH has achieved a high standard of quality management to build, operate and maintan of telecommunication networks through Cable Implementation Quality System (ClQS).


Committed to Excellences