Data Center

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Data Center

Siscom has been offering Data Center solutions more than 8 years. All customers should be concerned about Cooling availability and Power capacity, and Siscom will work with each customer to ensure they are getting a right-sized solution, minimizing excess costs. All Data Centers should be designed with Scalability and Flexibility, and Siscom will help each customer get there. While Siscom helps in designing the perfect Data Center for each customer, we will also consider the Network Cabling and Network Equipment requirements within each design.


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Our start-to-finish approach includes the following:

  • All of your sites will receive high-quality design,consistent workmanship, and proven equipment.
  • Comprehensive solutions for all infrastructure types.
  • Worry-free, multi-site, multi-scope project management.
  • Cable system management, thorough documentation and CAD design.


All Siscom’s services are preformed according to the highest industry standards and coding requirements.

  • Data Centers
  • Fiber / Copper Backbone Systems
  • Underground Conduit Systems
  • Network Systems
  • Cooling Systems
  • UPS Power Systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems


Our NI team are professional and certified in Commscope Certified Installer, Datwyler Certified Installer and also Safety Certified Installer (K3).


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